School of Medical Transcription

The School of Medical Transcription is an at home study course that will provide you with the basic knowledge needed to become a medical transcriptionist.

During each course, you will be provided with the necessary text required to complete your schooling, a list of suggested reference materials, and tests that can be done in the comfort of your own home. No going out to attend classes at a local school. No required class dates. No scheduled tests. The program will be available for your access 24 hours a day. You make all the decisions regarding your time and how you want to spend it working on the courses.

By the end of these basic courses, you will have a certificate of completion and you will have the skills necessary to start your career in the medical transcription field. After your schooling is complete you can enter into the Transam Associates Trainer-Protégée Program for newbies. This is a uniquely designed program that will give you hours of real world experience and an opportunity to earn a position as a paid professional transcriptionist.

Most transcription companies will not hire anyone without two to five years of experience. So, how do you get that experience if nobody will hire you? Hmm… That’s what we thought. Our programs have been designed for you to avoid that wait. People going through The School of Transcription and then the Training program usually start paid work well before the average time it takes someone else without our training. We believe that often times there is great skill with newbies, who sometimes just need someone to give them a chance. We are the ones to do that for you.

Many companies are not concerned about where or when you learned your skills as a medical transcriptionist. Since we hire only the best, we are very concerned in that regard. That is why we provide such close mentoring for you during your schooling, as well as during the Training program. Some at-home training programs make you feel as though you are out there all alone. Not so with us. We have training available for you when you need it. We will work with you from the time you register, right through all the courses that you take. You will never feel all alone out there. You will be able to enjoy the program at your own pace with no pressure, but with the reassurance that if you need help, it will be available to you.

We welcome you to the The School of Medication Transcription. We look forward to helping you become the best medical transcriptionist that you can be.

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