Programs of Study

Grammar Course:

The initial instruction focuses on basic English grammar. This will include instruction on grammar; proper usage of a dictionary; discussion on the basic parts of a sentence and sentence structure; correct usage of punctuation; and guidance for proper spelling. The course will help provide you with the ability to write and speak effectively, which is a necessity in the medical transcription field.

Grammar Fundamentals
Advanced Dictionary Usage
Sentence Structure
Correct Punctuation
Spelling Guidance

Medical Terminology Course:

This area of study will provide you with the basics of medical terminology. This section provides you with a breakdown of basic medical word parts and discusses prefixes, suffixes, and root words. You will learn to combine these word parts into meaningful medical terminology. You will be instructed on the meaning of word parts and their pronunciation. The terminology is taught by body systems. This is an in-depth approach to teaching you the easiest and most accurate way to understand medical terminology.

Medical Prefixes
Medical Suffixes
Medical Derivatives and Root Words
Medical Terms by Body Systems

The Basics of Medical Transcription Course:

This is the part that you have been waiting for. This is where you will get into the substance of medical transcription. This section will cover the different medical reports used by a medical transcriptionist; it will offer transcription tips; teach the basics of proofreading; discuss simplified editing techniques; study basic transcription knowledge needed for different medical specialties; and give you some of the basic transcription bloopers which you will most likely encounter in your transcription career.

Medical Fundamentals
Perspectives on Medical Transcription
Style Guides
Dermatology Transcription
Urology Transcription
Gastroenterology Transcription
Cardiology Transcription
Pulmonary Medicine Transcription
Endocrinology Transcription
Orthopedics Transcription
Obstetrics and Gynecology Transcription
Otorhinolaryngology Transcription
Ophthalmology Transcription
Neurology Transcription
Psychiatric Transcription
Pathology Transcription
Radiology Transcription

Microsoft Word Course:

In this course of study you will be given a visual approach to learning and understanding the use of Microsoft Word. This will help you feel complete comfort with the use of the program. You will learn an in-depth approach to the different, amazing things you can do with Microsoft Word.

Modern Word Processing
File System
Creating Documents
Document Templates
Advanced Features

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