Welcome to the School of Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is an exciting career. It allows you to become an important part of the medical field, a behind-the-scenes person with the opportunity to help people.

The School of Medical Transcription uses an approach to learning that will make your training experience much more pleasant. You can study and test right from the privacy of your own home and in your spare time. No going out to a scheduled class. The online training and mentoring program is available to you no matter where you live, from California, to Texas, to New York or even New Zealand! The School of Medical Transcription covers all the essential information needed to become one of the finest medical transcriptionists you can be. We also provide mentoring help while you are studying. See what we have to offer.

We have been working with many people over the years who have gone on to have successful careers in the medical transcription field. We would like you to see what they have to say. After completing this program you will have the fundamental skills required to work in advanced medical fields such as: radiology, rheumatology, cardiology, internal medicine and many more.

We know that getting started training for a new career is bound to bring about a lot of questions. We hope that we can provide enough information to help you make the right decisions for yourself regarding your training.

If you are ready to get started on your new career in the medical transcription field, we would be pleased to work with you. Go to the registration page and sign up today.

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