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Our Mission

The School of Medical Transcription is dedicated to educating those who wish to become medical transcriptionists. As a subsidiary of a successful national medical transcription company , Transam Associates, Inc., we know first hand what skills are necessary to succeed in a career in this exciting and growing field. We consider The School of Medical Transcription coupled with our training program as a fast track to becoming a professional transcriptionist. No other transcription training program even comes close to the amount of support, training resources, flexibility, accessibility, or most importantly, the value that we have to offer you.

Our Commitment

Not only do we offer you the best value on the market but we are absolutely invested in your success. Our parent company prides itself on the quality of its transcription service. Their standard to be hired is no more than one error per page, however the majority of their transcriptionists presently working for their clients make less than one error in 10 pages, and there are a few who average less than one error in approximately 50 pages. The educational programs that are offered here in the School of Medical Transcription as well as the training program are designed to get you to that level. Once you aspire to this level, with our online training program, you can begin your new and exciting career working from the comfort of your own home. With these skills you will be able to work for almost any medical transcription company in the world. Transam Associates has a growing base of doctors they provide service for and hires students right out of its training program. No one else has as much invested in the success of its students as we do. We welcome you aboard and are here for any questions that you may have. We know you will succeed in your new career as a medical transcriptionist.


Linda: Linda worked at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center School of Medicine for 20 years for various professors who liked writing books and research articles and doing unusual clinical cases. She worked for eight years for Dr. Charley Smyth, cofounder of the National Arthritis Foundation who was awarded a Presidential Commendation for establishing the Musculoskeletal Division of the National Health Institutes. She also worked for (and on occasion still does) Dr. Sterling G. West who was Consultant to the Surgeon General and was awarded "Best Doctor" in the United States and is author of the famous "Secrets" book for rheumatology, Secrets of Rheumatology. Linda also had the pleasure of working eight years for the late Jim Steigerwald, founder of the Scleroderma Foundation. Another she worked for was Dr. William Arend, the Editor of the Medical Journal, Arthritis and Rheumatism. In addition was Dr. Richard Meehan who worked with NASA and sent medical projects up on the Space Shuttles and satellite transmission of surgeries. Linda has been working on a degree in computer information services. She has taken a sabbatical because of Trans Am, although is in the process of learning programming on her own.

" We both have special feelings for the transcriptionists we work with, and have a very good rapport with our clients."

Alan: In earlier days Alan was a radio announcer. Alan received degrees at two colleges in the Denver area, and also did postgraduate work at Denver Seminary, does counseling, and a lot of weddings. He is an ordained minister and is a certified Biblical Counselor.

As Transam Associates grew Alan became more involved and and eventually joined the company to help sustain its growth. He is an eternal scholar and presently working on a degree in nonprofit business administration.

Administration and Support

Anne: Anne has been with Transam almost since the doors opened. She has been doing medical transcription for many years and has been a mentor for both The School of Medical Transcription and the Mentor Program since they both began. She receives great joy in mentoring people and watching their progress through the training process. She feels especially blessed when a person achieves their goal and begins to work in the medical transcription field. She is eager to work with you and nurture your progress through The School of Medical Transcription.

Cordes: Cordes has been a part of The School of Medical Transcription since its inception and has worked with Transam for years. Cordes graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in business management and informational technology. He has was a star instructor for New Horizons, the largest computer training company in the world, and a faculty member of the International Academy of Design and Technology where he still serves on its board of advisors for degrees in which he taught. Cordes is also frequently invited By the University of South Florida to speak to its Graduate School of Education on topics such as internet development. Cordes' work has been recognized in Forbes "Best of the Web", PC Week "Fast Track 500", and by the Salvation Army of Florida.

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