Medical Transcription as a Career

The purpose of the The School of Medical Transcription is to provide you with the basic knowledge needed to become a medical transcriptionist.

These are the days of advancing medical knowledge and exciting discoveries, making medical transcription one of the best career opportunities available. Doctors, hospitals, and medical transcription companies are always looking for good, qualified medical transcriptionists.

Medical transcription is an exciting and stimulating career that you can master from your own home. Most major medical transcription companies now do their work through the Internet with digital communication. You can get in on this stimulating new development of technology where you can work from home or take your laptop with you and work from anywhere in the world.

Medical transcriptionists are both men and women, married and single, parents or not parents, they can transcribe from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Some even use their cell phones, along with their laptops, to work while away from home. They are people who have an interest in the medical profession and helping other people.

A career in medical transcription offers great opportunities for a fun job with good pay. And remember that the pay increases with experience. It is one of the few careers that affords you the opportunity to work in many different settings: a doctor’s office, a hospital, or even your own home. Many medical transcriptionists are free to work a very flexible schedule right out of their own home, allowing them more time with their families.

Medical transcriptionists are not high-profile people. They are the ones who work in the background. Doctors count on medical transcriptionists to prepare an organized, neat, grammatically-correct, and medically-accurate document from their sometimes-scribbled cursory notes or from their hurried dictation. One could say that medical transcription is an art.

Medical transcription can be a challenge; one that will require you to be hard working, self-motivated, and dedicated to studying all the principles required to become a good medical transcriptionist. You must already possess all those qualities if you have come this far. This dedication will certainly pay off in the future. It is going to lead you to a job that is actually fun to do. You will actually look forward to your job every day.

You never get bored. You find this profession thought-provoking as you learn new things every day. One can never learn it all, but it is fun learning new, interesting facts and words each day!

By the end of these basic courses, you will have a certificate of completion and you will have the skills necessary to start your career in the medical transcription field. During each course, you will be provided with the necessary text required to complete your schooling, one-on-one mentoring with the school mentors, a list of suggested reference materials, and tests that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Continue Further

After your schooling is complete, enter into the FREE Transam Associates Trainer-Protégée Program for newbies, which will give you hours of real world experience and an opportunity to earn a position as a paid professional transcriptionist.

We welcome you to the The School of Medical Transcription. We look forward to helping you become the best medical transcriptionist that you can be.

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